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18 Sep 2015

4DH gives expert advice to EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive

The Heat Roadmap Europe studies which were initiated in 2011 are now taking shape into concrete changes in European policy on district heating. Professor Brian Vad Mathiesen, Deputy Head of 4DH Research Centre, was invited to Brussels this week to give expert advice to article 14 on heating and cooling in the coming Energy Efficiency Directive.

- Large parts of the heating and cooling sections in the Energy Efficiency Directive is based on 4DH research, especially the Heat Roadmap Europe studies has inspired the whole methodology in the heating policy, says Brian Vad Mathiesen.

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11 Sep 2015

Tool calculates optimal operation for energy plants

4DH PhD Fellow Peter Sorknæs har contributed to the development of the EnergyTRADE tool by the software and consultancy company EMD International, which calculates the optimum operation schedule regarding the daily heat production and electricity trade as well as the overall system performance.

The optimisation is based on various input data such as weather forecasts, electricity spot price prognoses, expected heat demand, storage content, preconditions required by the plant, and so on.

08 Sep 2015

Webwall gathers information from 4DH conference

Were you at the International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating in August or did you miss it?

Regardless, you can recap the conference with a 3 minute video, see the 4 keynote speeches and presentations and view photos of guests and presenters during the two days at Aalborg University Copenhagen on this WebWall. Or see the video recap of the conference directly at YouTube.

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08 Sep 2015

German visit to 4DH

The State Senator for Energy and Environment in Hamburg, Jens Kerstan, visited 4DH and Aalborg University Copenhagen Tuesday to hear about 4th generation district heating. The Hamburg Senator was on a fact finding mission to learn about the future low-temperature district heating and its possibilities for the state of Hamburg and its 1.7 million inhabitants. Hamburg is currently working on a strategy for district heating.

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31 Aug 2015

PhD thesis investigates potential of CHP plants in electricity balancing markets

On Friday 4th September the second PhD fellow at the 4DH Research Centre will defend his doctoral thesis “Bidding and operation strategies in future energy markets – The transition of small district heating plants into market‐based smart energy systems” at Aalborg University.

Peter Sorknæs’s thesis investigates the potential for small district heating plants with combined heat and power to increase their earnings by being more active on the new electricity balancing markets.

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