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29 May 2017

Substation with electrical booster lowers DH temperature to 40°C

4DH partner Danfoss and the consortium of partners in this project developed and tested a concept of ultra-low-temperature district heating with the supply temperature as low as 40°C combined with instantaneous electric heater topping up the last few degrees of domestic hot water heating. The project was supported by Danish research program EUDP.

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08 May 2017

Large potential to heat existing buildings with 4GDH

4DH PhD Fellow Dorte Skaarup Østergaard investigates how to heat existing buildings with low-temperature district heating. Through detailed simulation calculations of the typical buildings, she calculates the realistic dynamic heating load and compares it to the heating power of the existing heating elements with a low supply temperature.

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24 Apr 2017

Smart metering provides the transparency required for high energy efficiency

4DH partner Kamstrup works according to the principle that you cannot optimise what you do not measure. With innovative and intelligent metering solutions they help utilities optimise their efficiency while meeting regulatory objectives and directives.

Through the 4DH project, Kamstrup has been able to further explore the key role that data plays in achieving higher energy efficiency. This has contributed to the identification and testing of specific application areas where frequent data from smart meters are crucial elements of energy optimisation in an integrated energy system.

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10 Apr 2017

Software simulates district heating networks

4DH PhD Fellow, Soma Mohammadi, has developed a tool in MATLAB for thermal-dynamic modeling of district heating networks.

The tool can be applied for modeling the operational performance of district heating networks, furthermore as an assessment tool to evaluate the feasibility of implementing alternative design concepts and strategies in the move towards low-temperature district heating.

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20 Mar 2017

Energy Efficient Pumping Solutions for Solar District Heating

4DH partner DESMI has supplied energy efficient, in-line, vertical NSL centrifugal pumps for one of the world’s largest solar heating plants: The Dronninglund Solar Thermal (District Heating) Plant in the northern part of Denmark.

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