08 Sep 2015

German visit to 4DH

The State Senator for Energy and Environment in Hamburg, Jens Kerstan, visited 4DH and Aalborg University Copenhagen Tuesday to hear about 4th generation district heating. The Hamburg Senator was on a fact finding mission to learn about the future low-temperature district heating and its possibilities for the state of Hamburg and its 1.7 million inhabitants. Hamburg is currently working on a strategy for district heating.

Jens Kerstan (left side in photo) met with Professor in Energy Planning and Deputy Head of 4DH Brian Vad Mathiesen (centre) and PhD fellow Kenneth Hansen (right), who told the Senator about 4DH’s strategic approach on heat supply.

Brian Vad Mathiesen told the Senator about the Smart Energy Systems approach and how 4th generation district heating makes it possible to transfer from fossils to renewables while simultaneously expanding the district heating system.

- I think Hamburg is a very interesting case, said Brian Vad Mathiesen.

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