Conversion of existing DH to low temperature operation and extension of new areas of buildings

The Hypothesis of this project was that it is possible to convert the existing district heating grid from high temperature to low temperature. This means reducing supply/return temperatures to 50/25 in areas with low energy demand buildings and extend DH grids to areas where the existing buildings will be energy renovated over the next decades or newly built-areas with low energy demand buildings. By lowering district heating operating temperature, it is possible to utilize low-grade energy sources and renewables to provide heating. This is fundamental in the Danish objective of being 100% fossil fuel free by 2050.

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Heating of existing buildings by low-temperature DH

The hypothesis of this project was that it is possible to heat all types of existing buildings with a hydronic heating system by use of low-temperature district heating with a supply temperature of 50°C, except for short periods with very cold weather when a higher temperature is supplied.

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Supply of domestic hot water at comfort temperatures without legionella

The target of this project was to provide optimal solutions for handling legionella problems in different low temperature domestic hot water systems.

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