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District heating in future Europe: Modelling expansion potentials and mapping heat synergy regions

Urban Persson

Doctoral dissertation thesis, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, January 2015.

Publications en 2015

Heat Roadmap China: New heat strategy to reduce energy consumption towards 2030

Weiming Xiong, Yu Wang, Brian Vad Mathiesen, Henrik Lund, Xiliang Zhang

Article in Energy Journal, Vol 81, 1 March 2015, pp. 274–285.

Publications en 2015

Impacts of a renewable energy quota system on China's future power sector

Weiming Xiong, D. Zhang, Peggy Mischke, Xiliang Zhang

Energy Procedia, Volume 61, 2014.

Publications en 2014

Future power market and sustainable energy solutions – The treatment of uncertainties in the daily operation of combined heat and power plants

Peter Sorknæs, Henrik Lund, Anders N. Andersen

Applied Energy, Volume 144, 15 April 2015, Pages 129–138.

Publications en 2015

Mapping and benchmarking regional disparities in China's energy supply, transformation and end-use in 2010

Peggy Mischke, Weiming Xiong

Article in Applied Energy, Vol 143, pp. 359-369.

Publications en 2015

Smart Energy Systems for coherent 100% renewable energy and transport solutions

BV Mathiesen, H. Lund, D. Connolly, H. Wenzel, PA Østergaard, B. Möller, S. Nielsen, I. Ridjan, P. Karnøe, K. Sperling, F. Hvelplund

Article in Applied Energy, Vol. 145, 01.05.2015, pp. 139–154.

Publications en 2015

Large combined heat and power plants in Sustainable Energy Systems

Rasmus Lund, Brian Vad Mathiesen

Article in Applied Energy, Vol. 142, pp. 389-395.

Publications en 2015

Thermal energy storage systems for district heating and cooling

H. Gadd, Sven Werner

Chapter 18 in Cabeza (ed.), Advances in Thermal Energy Storage Systems. Woodhead publishing series in Energy 66, Cambridge 2014

Publications en 2014


Bent Ole Gram Mortensen

Artikel i: Erling Eide, Henrik Lando og Endre Stavang (red.): Rettsøkonomi i nordiske dommer. Skriftsserie 197/2014, s. 175-197, ISBN 978-82-7236-236-1

Publications en 2014

Legal Framework as a Core Element of District Cooling Success - The Case of Denmark

Bent Ole Gram Mortensen

Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, September 2014, Vol. 2, No 9, s. 41-48, ISSN 2327-588X

Publications en 2014

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