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District Heating Network Design and Configuration Optimization with Genetic Algorithm

H. Li, S. Svendsen

Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, Vol. 1, No. 4, 2013, p. 291-303

Publications en 2013

Smart Energy Systems : Holistic and Integrated Energy Systems for the era of 100% Renewable Energy

D. Connolly, H. Lund, BV Mathiesen, PA Østergaard, B. Möller, S. Nielsen, I. Ridjan, F. Hvelplund, K. Sperling, P. Karnøe, AM Carlson, PS Kwon, SM Bryant, P. Sorknæs:

Report, Aalborg University

Publications en 2013

The role of district heating in decarbonising the EU energy system and a comparison with existing strategies

D. Connolly, H. Lund, BV Mathiesen, B. Möller, PA Østergaard, S. Nielsen, S. Werner, U. Persson, D. Trier:


Publications en 2013

Heat Roadmap Europe: Combining district heating with heat savings to decarbonise the EU energy system

D. Connolly, H. Lund, BV Mathiesen, S. Werner, B. Möller, U. Persson, T. Boermans, D. Trier, PA Østergaard, S. Nielsen

Energy Policy Volume 65, February 2014, Pages 475–489

Publications en 2014

Heat Roadmap Europe: Second pre-study

D. Connolly, BV Mathiesen, PA Østergaard, B. Möller, S. Nielsen, H. Lund, U. Persson, S. Werner, J. Grözinger, T. Boermans, M. Bosquet, D. Trier

Department of Development and Planning, Aalborg University, 2013. 222 s.

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Uncertainties in the daily operation of a district heating plant

Peter Sorknæs

Proceedings of the 8th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems.

Publications en 2014

Market integration of wind power in electricity system balancing

P. Sorknæs, AN Andersen, J. Tang, S. Strøm

Article in: Energy Strategy Reviews, Volume 1, Issue 3, March 2013, Pages 174–180.

Publications en 2013

Determining the appropriate amount of subsidies for wind power: The integrated renewable power planning (IRPP) model and its application in China

D. Zhang, W. Xiong, C. Tang, Z. Liu, X. Zhang

Article in: Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 01/2014; 6:141–148.

Publications en 2014

Economic decision support tool of renewable energy for wind and PV power projects –IRPP model and its application

W. Xiong, G. Zhu, D. Zhang, X. Zhang

Article in: Renewable Energy Resources, 2013 Issue 4.

Publications en 2013

Strategic Energy Planning in the Öresund Region

R. Lund, K. Sperling, BV Mathiesen, D. Connolly

Aalborg University, Department of Development and Planning.

Publications en 2014

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