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The status of 4th generation district heating: Research and results

Lund, H., Østergaard, P.A., Chang, M., Werner, S., Svendsen, S., Sorknæs, P., Thorsen, J.E., Hvelplund, F., Mortensen, B.O.G., Mathiesen, B.V., Bojesen, C., Duic, N., Zhang, X.; Möller, B.

Energy vol. 164, 1 December 2018, pp. 147-159. Link

Publications en 2018

A method for assessing support schemes promoting flexibility at district energy plants

Andersen, A.N., Østergaard, P.A.

Applied Energy vol. 225, 1 September 2018, pp. 448–459. Link

Publications en 2018

Cost-efficiency of urban heating strategies – Modelling scale effects of low-energy building heat supply

Sandvall AF, Ahlgren EO, Ekvall T

Energy Strategy Reviews18: 212-223, 2017

Publications en 2018

Multilevel policies for radical transition: Governance for a 100% renewable energy system

Frede Hvelplund, Søren Djørup


Publications en 2017

Low-energy buildings heat supply - Modelling of energy systems and carbon emissions impacts

Sandvall AF, Ahlgren EO, Ekvall T

Energy Policy 111: 371-382, 2017

Publications en 2017

Smart energy and smart energy systems. Energy

H Lund, P. A. Østergaard, D Connolly, B. V. Mathiesen

May 20, 2017. Link  

Publications en 2017

Comparison of Low-temperature District Heating Concepts in a Long-Term Energy System Perspective.

Lund, R., Østergaard, D. S., Yang, X., & Mathiesen, B. V.

International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management,12, 5-18. Link.

Publications en 2017

Heat Roadmap Europe: Large-Scale Electric Heat Pumps in District Heating Systems

David, A., Mathiesen, B. V., Averfalk, H., Werner, S., & Lund, H

Energies,10(4), 578. Link 

Publications en 2017

Incentives and barriers for wind power expansion and system integration in Denmark

Hvelplund, F., Østergaard, P.A.; Meyer, N.I.

Publications en 2017

International review of district heating and cooling

Werner, S.

12 april, 2017,Energy, 137, 617-631, Link 

Publications en 2017

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