04 Dec 2015

Coming EU Strategy on Heating and Cooling in line with 4DH research

The European Commission’s coming strategy on heating and cooling will be focused on renewable energy and district heating, much in line with the recommendations from 4DH research, for example the Heat Roadmap Europe studies.

In a series of ‘issue papers’ used in the preparation for the strategy, the Commission states that the use of renewables in heating should be boosted with tax measures, public procurement and public investment to stimulate the development of markets.

Large parts of the issue papers are based on 4DH research with many references to Heat Roadmap Europe, STRATEGO (Heat Roadmap Europe 3) which is coordinated by Associate Professor at Aalborg University David Connolly, analysis done by 4DH researchers for the European Commission, the EnergyPLAN model used by Heat Roadmap Europe, and Head of 4DH Henrik Lund’s book “Renewable Energy Systems : A Smart Energy Systems Approach to the Choice and Modeling of 100% Renewable Solutions”.

Deputy Head of 4DH and Professor in Energy Planning Brian Vad Mathiesen is pleased to see the 4DH research put to use.

“It is our clear goal to make our research as widely known as possible on all political levels so policies can be developed based on knowledge and in-depth analysis,” said Brian Vad Mathiesen.

“Our research clearly supports a cost-effective penetration strategy for renewable energy in the heating and electricity sector while heavily enabling a decrease in the import of natural gas to the EU. Such a strategy needs to strike the balance between heat savings, cheap low value heat in district heating systems and cost-effective thermal energy storage.”

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