15 Oct 2015

4DH research presented at SDEWES2015

Heating, cooling and electricity smart grids should be seen as part of overall smart energy systems, which should include district energy and renewable and flexible CHP production. This was the main message in Professor and Head of 4DH Henrik Lund’s keynote speech on smart energy systems at this year’s SDEWES conference last week of September in Dubrovnik.

The 10th SDEWES conference, short for Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, had around 500 visitors from all around the world, and 4DH researchers from Aalborg University, Technical University of Denmark, University of Zagreb, Halmstad University and Linnaeus University were well represented.

Together with others from the 4DH Consortium, Henrik Lund and Deputy Head Brian Vad Mathiesen hosted 10 special sessions on smart energy systems, energy planning and district heating and cooling.

Other presentations included:

Economic Policies for a Smart Energy System
Presented by 4DH PhD Fellow Søren Djørup

Comparison of district heating expansion potentials based on consumer economy or socio economy
Presented by 4DH PhD Fellow Lars Grundahl. Co-authored by Steffen Nielsen, Henrik Lund and Bernd Möller

A 100% renewable energy scenario for Europe using a Smart Energy System approach
Presented by Professor and Deputy Head of 4DH Brian Vad Mathiesen. Co-authored by David Connolly and Henrik Lund

Heat Roadmap Europe: Balancing heat supply and heat savings for various European countries
Presented by PhD Fellow Kenneth Hansen. Co-authored by David Connolly, Henrik Lund, David Drysdale and Jakob Zinck Thellufsen

District heating and individual heat pump heating; a comparison of seasonal feasibility
Presented by Professor Poul Alberg Østergaard. Co-authored by Anders N. Andersen

Heat Roadmap Europe: towards a Pan-European heating and cooling atlas
Presented by Professor Bernd Möller. Co-authored by Sven Werner, Urban Persson and Ole Garcia Wilke

Ringkøbing-Skjern Energy Atlas for municipal energy planning
Presented by 4DH PhD Fellow Stefan Petrovic. Co-authored by Kenneth Karlsson

Decreasing the flexibility gap: transformation towards smart energy system in Serbia
Presented by Goran Krajačić. Co-authored by Ilija Batas Bjelic, Nikola Rajakovic and Neven Duić

Effects of different bioenergy pathways on primary energy efficiency, climate mitigation and energy system integration
Presented by Leif Gustavsson. Co-authored by Truong Nguyen Le

Role of district heating in energy systems with a high share of renewables – A case study for the country of Macedonia
Presented by Tomislav Novosel. Co-authored by Aleksandar Dedinec, Boris Ćosić, Natasa Markovska, Tomislav Pukšec, Goran Krajačić, Neven Duić

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