04 Oct 2013

2nd annual conference: District energy faces a challenge

The Danish district energy sector faces a big challenge in the coming years, as the large heat and power plants must phase out the use of fossil fuels, and the small CHP plants lose their basic subsidy.


If Denmark does not manage to find a proper solution, the country will risk discarding the great investments made in the 1990s in decentralized CHP and back-up capacity on the electricity market. Or Denmark will experience that the power plants make 20-30-year investments in biomass solutions which, due to the increased demand for biomass, may have lost their value in the energy system within 5 to 10 years.

This was the major conclusion of the second annual 4th Generation District Heating Conference on August 21st, which had 100 attendants from Denmark and the world. The main conference presentations shed new light on CHP, district heating, regulation, economy, waste resources, and the anthropological aspects of technology developments.

The presentations of the day can be seen here.

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