31 Jan 2017

Lowering the heat loss with state-of-the-art pipes

The insulation value is the core focus of 4DH partner LOGSTOR's development of pipe systems for district and community heating. In co-operation with suppliers, the 4DH Research Centre, technological institutes and not least motivated by the customers’ needs, the pre-insulated pipe systems are subject to constant development.

One example is LOGSTOR FlextraPipe which now has the best insulation value in the market. The insulation in the pipes consists of so-called PUR-foam which currently has a Lambda-value as low as 0.0207 W/mK.

LOGSTOR has also developed a pipe system with a complete diffusion barrier for all assembly parts which ensures that the gases which provide the exceptional insulation remain in the pipe, and that the performance is constant for its entire service life.

Energy- and cost-efficient

Improved insulation quality results in a reduced heat loss between the heating plant and the consumer. In practice this means that with an unchanged heat production even more buildings and customers can be connected to the same heating system. Overall, this is an obvious improvement for the heating company’s operation, and regardless of the energy form – combined heat and power, surplus heat from industry, waste, gas, solar heat etc. – the use of energy resources must be efficient and diligent. This is beneficial to the competitiveness of district and community heating, the economy in general, as well as the environment.

Each heating network has its own characteristics. To decide on the optimum network and dimensioning requires a specific calculation from project to project. LOGSTOR makes an online tool available to heating companies and consultants. On basis of the conditions and preconditions of each project, solutions with FlextraPipe and other pipe systems can be simulated. This gives the decision maker more scenarios and so the optimal basis for the final design of the heating network. The tool is named LOGSTOR Calculator and is available free of charge via logstor.com.

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