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Research drives district heating effort in Europe

Ingrid Ekstrôm

Press release from Halmstad University

The Press en 2016

Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating

Henrik Lund, Brian Vad Mathiesen

Editorial in Euroheat & Power no. 3/2015.

The Press en 2015

Beyond 2025, Copenhagen's road to 100% renewable energy supply

Chris Reeves

Interview with Brian Vad Mathiesen at Danish Architecture Centre.

The Press en 2015

From Kansas to Copenhagen: clean energy beacons around the world

Karl Mathiesen

Article in The Guardian, interview with Brian Vad Mathiesen

The Press en 2015

The urban environment: Clean-up time

Christian Oliver

Article in Financial Times, dec. 29, 2014.

The Press en 2014

Heat Roadmap Europe: Saving money with district heating

EuroHeat & Power, 10/2013

The Press en 2013

Professor mener EU kan spare 100 milliarder euro per år ved å droppe gass til oppvarming

Øyvind Lie

News article about Professor Sven Werner at norwegian media

The Press no 2016

Enormt varmebehov i Europas byer

Sissel Graver

Interview with Associate Professor at Aalborg University, David Connolly, in Energi fjernvarme no. 3 2015, p. 28-29.

The Press no 2015

Fjernvarme bør med i EU-scenario

Interview with Brian Vad Mathiesen

Energi-Fjernvarme maj/2013, pp. 30-31.

The Press no 2013

Lågtemperatur: Utmaningen för näste generations fjärrvärmesystem


Interview with Sven Werner, Leif Gustavsson and Henrik Lund in Fjärrvärmetidningen 2/2016, March.

The Press se 2016

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