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Hvis lomme luner fjernvarmepengene i?

Bent Ole Gram Mortensen

Article in Fyens Stifttidende, Business Fyn pp. 27.

The Press da 2013

Hvordan skal næste generations fjernvarme se ud?

Interview with Henrik Lund

Article in Maskinmesteren 10/2012.

The Press da 2012

Heat Roadmap Europe: Mit Fernwärme Energie sparen in Gebäuden

Article in EuroHeat & Power 7-8/2013 pp. 18-19

The Press de 2013

The changing requirements for the district heating generations

Jan Eric Thorsen, Oddgeir Gudmundsson & Andre Hansen

Article in Hot/Cool magazine no. 4/2016.

The Press en 2016

District heating as part of a European energy union

Søren Djørup & Frede Hvelplund

Article in Hot/Cool magazine no. 4/2016.

The Press en 2016

Energy Systems Modeling

SETIS Magazine

David Connolly, coordinator of the H2020 project "Heat Roadmap Europe" and one of the developers of the EnergyPLAN model talks to SETIS, November 2016

The Press en 2016

4DH reduces energy costs more than fossil fuels


Article at DBDH, the Danish Board of District Heating.

The Press en 2015

Rotterdam makes heat roundabout with surplus heat for South Holland


Article at DBDH, the Danish Board of District Heating.

The Press en 2016

Researchers change the direction of EU heating strategy

Aalborg University

Press release from Aalborg University

The Press en 2016

EU insists energy security is about more than gas

Sonja van Renssen

Article at

The Press en 2016

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