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Investering fra Innovationsfonden baner vejen for fremtidens fjernvarme og dansk milliardeksport

Henrik Lund & Brian Vad Mathiesen

News article about the investment from the Innovationsfonden.nnovationsfonden.

The Press da 2019

Mindst 85.000 huse kan opvarmes af overskydende varme fra industrien

Liv Bjerg Lillevang

Article on Danish media about the research of 4DH PhD Fellow Stefan Petrovic.

The Press da 2017

The changing requirements for the district heating generations

Jan Eric Thorsen, Oddgeir Gudmundsson & Andre Hansen

Article in Hot/Cool magazine no. 4/2016.

The Press en 2016

District heating as part of a European energy union

Søren Djørup & Frede Hvelplund

Article in Hot/Cool magazine no. 4/2016.

The Press en 2016

Professor mener EU kan spare 100 milliarder euro per år ved å droppe gass til oppvarming

Øyvind Lie

News article about Professor Sven Werner at norwegian media

The Press no 2016

Energy Systems Modeling

SETIS Magazine

David Connolly, coordinator of the H2020 project "Heat Roadmap Europe" and one of the developers of the EnergyPLAN model talks to SETIS, November 2016

The Press en 2016

Massive danske aftryk på ny, positiv EU-kurs

Flemming Linnebjerg Rasmussen

Interview with Head of 4DH Henrik Lund in the Danish magazine "Fjernvarmen", March 2016

The Press da 2016

Lågtemperatur: Utmaningen för näste generations fjärrvärmesystem


Interview with Sven Werner, Leif Gustavsson and Henrik Lund in Fjärrvärmetidningen 2/2016, March.

The Press se 2016

Professor: Den europæiske kæmpe vækkes

Brian Vad Mathiesen

Article by Professor Brian Vad Mathiesen, Deputy Head of 4DH.

The Press da 2016

4DH reduces energy costs more than fossil fuels


Article at DBDH, the Danish Board of District Heating.

The Press en 2015

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