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The Heat Roadmap Europe studies which were initiated in 2011 are now taking shape into concrete changes in European policy on district heating. Professor Brian Vad Mathiesen, Deputy Head of 4DH Research Centre, was invited to Brussels this week to give expert advice to article 14 on heating and cooling in the coming Energy Efficiency Directive.

- Large parts of the heating and cooling sections in the Energy Efficiency Directive is based on 4DH research, especially the Heat Roadmap Europe studies has inspired the whole methodology in the heating policy, says Brian Vad Mathiesen.

He is pleased to see that the research done in 4DH is in the process of being put to use in all 28 EU member states.

- This shows that it is very useful to map the technological and socio-economic potential of district heating because it can form a base for changing the policies in the individual countries on a local level where they need the heating and can make the changes, says Brian Vad Mathiesen.

This begins with an informed local debate in the 28 individual member states, the Professor hopes that the Energy Efficiency Directive can start when it is ready by the end of this year.

- It is a long process and this is only the first step to make it work locally, which is crucial. Without local involvement we won’t get more district heating and energy efficiency.


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